…und Pokal auch!

No, i’m not dead. Mia San Triple. That’s what matters.

Dante and Gustavo just won the Confederations Cup (sorry Martinez) and now they’re growing new arms to lift all those cups


This is how Dante and Goose will look like in 2013-14. And more is coming!


BTW, did i told you he arries injured and probably will debut only in October? Koan #19 in season’s debut unless the Hansi Müller-Miracle Medic does another of his miracles

BTW, welcome Jan Kirchhoff #15

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Be5t regard5

Arjen Fucking “i never criticized him” Robben


Enough talk, have at you!



Now i’m waiting for 5ome merchandi5ing relea5ing on eBay to annihilate my credit card’5 limit

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Anything + éry = win

Back dahoam after the shameful Minsk Incident, looked like Hoffenheim could upset Bayern again and throw FCB at a slump. Could be, if Ribéry didn’t appeared again to save the day again with two goals.

Damn, Le Scarface is playing godlike, overkilling, so good it’s horrible lately. Why no one is considering him a top-10 or top-5 of the world by now?

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Mia san THIS?

OK, even my strategical pessimism didn’t expected this result. In the first matchday i said  “thankfully i’m not a Lille fan” since they lost 3-1 against BATE… and we also lost 3-1.

Schande. Now it’s carrying on and preparing to play Hoffenheim. No further comments.

And please no Kroos-Schweini in the “2”

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It looked like Werder would give Bayern their first draw, or even their first defeat of the season, but…

Then Gustavo scored at the 81th minute

And Mandzukic scored the second two minutes later

Damn, who designed that uniforms? This is the worst Bayern kit EVER.

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What is a Mandzukic?

A miserable little pile of goals. Super Mario II came from the bench and scored two against his former club Wolfsburg. Schweini opened the score in the first half, and Bayern’s BEST SEASON START EVER continues

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Oppan Kroos Style

Bayern is back dahoam in Teh Champions. Dominated the whole game but only won 2-1 vs. Valencia (Schweinsteiger and Kroos scored for Bayern, Valdez for Valencia)

The good: Kroos’ great goal

The bad: Mandzukic missed a penalty

The ugly: What was that crap that happened in Valencia’s goal?

Back to the Bundesliga, back to Gelsenkirchen, back to another 2-0 win against Schalke 04.

Kroos scored another masterpiece, Müller scored his masterpiece also, and FCB runs along Eintracht Frankfurt in the top of the Bundesliga. Not only this, but Bayern won ALL their official matches until now.

The good: Alaba is back to training, after two long months. The injuries are starting to get healed 🙂 Soonly Gomez will also return (and try to catch up Mandzukic)

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